Joi Andrea James


My Mission

To help empower solopreneurs and small business owners, through organizational development, financial accountability and operational oversight to improve profits/savings, and minimize debt to create true financial stability and business growth.

About Joi Andrea James

Joi Andrea James is a Business Analyst|Broker, specializing in business organizational development. This enterprise came into being after assisting different customers in various industries, which gave me an intimate knowledge of the challenges facing solopreneurs and small businesses.

Through a greater understanding of the business owners themselves, I realized the majority of my clients decided to start a business based on their dream of business ownership and/or pure technical experience within a particular industry without considering the organizational factors of major business segments, i.e. administrative functions, and accounting oversight.

It is my sincere desire to assist business owners in developing procedures and systems in the aforementioned areas to enable them to bring to fruition the successful business they envisioned.

My areas of expertise include: accounting, management, and real estate brokerage.

Types of businesses I have assisted include: churches, salons, property management companies, staffing agencies, counseling services, E-commerce, dance studios, home health agencies, and retail stores.  It would be a pleasure to assist you in your endeavors as well.



Get the answers you need.

3 Reasons you need a good strategy for financial oversight

#1 Monitor the Financial Success or Failure of Your Business 
It’s hard to know where you are going if you don’t know where you’ve been. The same is true with your business – it’s hard to know how your business is doing without a clear financial picture. A good financial system provides answers to the questions: Am I making money? Are sales increasing? How do expenditures compare to sales?

#2  Provide the Information You Need to Make Decisions 
Evaluating financial consequences should be part of every business decision. Without accurate records and financial information, it’s difficult to forecast the impact of any given course of action. For example, financial information gives insight as to whether or not it pays to hire another employee. Accurate records reveal the profitability of your business.

#3 Obtain Other Sources of Capital
If your business has reached the point where you need to take in a partner or investor, any prospective associate will want to become intimately familiar with your financial picture. Suppliers and other creditors may also ask for certain financial records.





My Promise

“Service with Integrity, Expertise you can trust”