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Specialized Services

Business Analysis & Strategic Planning

Business analysis of current business operational systems, within the major business functions of admin and accounting.  Strategic planning consultations for businesses and individuals to gain in depth insight into the decision-making process as related to business growth, and financial accountability, through the proper review of financial data.  For businesses emphasis is placed on budgeting techniques, operations analysis and strategies for financial stability. Consultations for individuals entail budgeting review, and credit analysis to implement strategies to increase savings and reduce debt. Let me assist you with the issues, that may be hindering your achievement of financial stability and home ownership.

Tax Planning/Preparation

Income tax preparation for individuals and small businesses.  Everyone pays more tax than he/she would like, but no one wants to pay more than necessary.  To minimize your tax liability, you need to plan carefully and take advantage of all deductions, credits and strategies tax law allows.

Real Estate Brokerage Services

Whether you’re buying or selling a home (or both), your success hinges upon the expert advice and services provided by your real estate broker. The need for diligent oversight is paramount in understanding the unique complexities of each real estate transaction. Services include general brokerage (Buy-Sell-Invest), as well as consultations to provide assistance with market strategy, project planning, and asset preservation.